PSDPY My side project with my fellow runner+collaborator Bryan is live!

A few weeks ago I created a spreadsheet for startups to list jobs with Bryan after hatching the idea over a discussion. Fast forward a few weeks, many resumes and several happy feedback emails later, we decided to do a simple jobs site for startups.

We spent many nights doing the drudge work of copying and pasting text, downloading company logos, creating new posts, among other things. We also took several days to come up with a name that we could both identify with and be more memorable than something like

We have imported the startup jobs from the original list over and are constantly adding new ones as we learn of them. Take a look and let us know what you think in a tweet or email to teampsdpy@gm@il

Update: This project eventually became, which is now defunct. If you’re looking for startup jobs, a quick Google search for startup jobs will turn up some good results that have started since this post.

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