I’m back

I need to start cleaning up the cobwebs here. But I’ll leave them for just one more day since it’s Halloween.

Since it’s a festival (of sorts), I will mark it with a recollection of a few personal milestones I’ve achieved in the months since my last post.

I stopped blogging for a time because I was due to leave 9flats, and I didn’t want to make it known till it was official. However, such a major event inevitably occupies your mind a lot, leaving me with little inclination to write about other things going on at the time. After it was done and dusted though (by Sept), I procrastinated a little more before sitting down today to do it.

In summary, here’s what’s happened to me since June.

The Good

I’ve now joined a new startup called Sent.ly responsible for customer acquisition / evangelism I had a chance to fulfill a longstanding desire to work with former TenCube CEO / co-founder Darius. I completed Ruby tutorials up until exercise 52 on learncodethehardway. I started an interesting side project. It’s a free and public Startup Jobs board - SGStartupJobs I attended FailCon / TechVenture 2012 and met some very interesting people.

The Bad

I left Darius’ team when we discovered that I wasn’t a great fit for the team. I left an excellent startup with an excellent team and excellent leaders in 9flats. I stopped working on Ruby tutorials on learncodethehardway. I didn’t manage to get any work done through meeting people at FailCon / TechVenture 2012.

The Ugly

I discovered that I’m not cut out for software engineering. It reminds me of working on Economics problems in university. I could do them on threat of pain or death, but not for much less. I’m still a broke entrepreneur. Still ridden with student debt. I might get to writing about any of the milestones above, but just to get blogging again I needed to list them down so I can strike them off my mental checklist of things to mention in my blog.

Overall it’s been an eventful few months, and I hope that I’ll get the time to write more about the notable parts, as well as keep writing about what’s going on at present as well.

The attached photo of Techventure 2012  is my parting shot to the 3rd quarter of 2012.

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