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This coming Saturday (25th May) at 16:00 Singapore time (+08:00 GMT), I’ll be doing an hour-long basic hands-on SEM course at the NUS Incubator at 5 Prince George’s Park

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It’s free and it’s going to be streamed live on Google Hangouts too. I’ll update this page with the link on the day itself. If you wish to attend in person, let me know so that I can save you a seat. (ngweileen+sem[at]gmail) You can follow the 40-60 min session entirely online. All you need is a Google Adwords account. The contents of the session, in brief, will be: How to research your niche with Google Trends, Google Global Market Finder Use your research results to create an ad campaign that is scalable Iteratively improve the campaign with the use of negative keywords, and keyword match types, and A/B testing ad copy.

Overview of additional tools (Display Advertising, Remarketing, Adwords Editor) This is my way of paying forward all the goodwill, help, and advice that countless friends in startups have given me. If you know a friend who could benefit, share with them too. ;)

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