TIL that nuffnang, one of the early blog-advertising networks, now does promo-giveaways

Sunsilk Promo Giveaway

I signed up once for a free bottle of shampoo totally on a whim. I can’t even remember how I stumbled upon the ad that took me to the website. But I did, and several weeks later I’m the proud owner of a complimentary bottle of Sunsilk shampoo.

when I checked the return address on the envelope though, surprise-surprise! Not only does nuffnang now do Google ads (or fb, I really forgot which), they also provide the full-service solution, including shipping product.

It looks like blog advertising alone hasn’t had the kind of effect on consumer behavior that one might imagine. The reason why this is true is also the reason why Google ads are superior to Facebook ads for most product categories - the “intent-to-purchase” of users just casually browsing is too low to be worth much.

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